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Psychotherapist & Coach

I believe that we should all be able to achieve our potential and live positive, fulfilling lives.

Unfortunately, sometimes our mind stops us from doing that. We can’t think straight, we feel unable to make the right choices.

That’s when our work together can help.


While anxiety is a normal physical reaction to what our mind perceives as a danger, sometimes its effects can cripple us. It takes over our lives and stops us from doing what we want.

In our work we will look at what is the cause of the anxiety and develop approaches to make it manageable.

I work on all kinds of anxiety issues but most commonly on:

  • General Anxiety disorder

  • Heath anxiety

  • Post traumatic stress



Relationship counselling covers a wide range of issues.

Most people come to couple counselling because they have reached a point where they cannot solve the problem on their own.

Together we will look at the roots of the issue, enable each party to feel heard and find a way forward.

With a safe place to discuss what is troubling your couple it is possible to find a solution.

Most of my work with couples is around communication, conflict, loss of common values or a lack of satisfaction with the relationship.

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Personal Challenges

At times our mind seems to be unable to function as we want or need it to.

Or we are faced by challenges that seem too big to overcome.

Therapy can help.

Together we can clear out the fog and find solutions and approaches for you to live the life that you want.

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Young Adults 16-19

After 10 years in a Sixth Form College I have developed a deep understanding of the way young adults can see the world and what can trouble them.

From relationships to parental issues, health issues or anxiety about the future, we can talk about what matters and find solutions that you can implement to improve your everyday life and feel better.

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Why seek therapy?

Everybody has their own reasons for coming to therapy.

What one person finds easy can be a problem for another.


Our time of life, or what is happening around us, can also have profound effects. We may want to develop ourselves and become better people. Or we might have issues stopping us from achieving our potential.


Nevertheless, here is a short A-Z of some of the most common reasons people have come to see me about:

My Approach

My past experience

In a previous life I ran advertising and communication agencies in London. It was fun, creative and often frantic. It was also necessary to be very business-minded… and I was, even completing an MBA at the City’s CASS Business School.

That is why I now work with busy people – I understand how high expectations are, how stressful it can be, and why it is sometimes difficult to deliver.

For over a decade I have also been working in a Sixth Form College. I enjoy working with young adults (16-19 years old), their hopes and struggles, their attitudes, and their unique views on the world.

My Training

In terms of training, I completed a Post-graduate Diploma at the University of East London, where I graduated in Counselling and Coaching.

I have also furthered my knowledge by completing the following training:

  • CBT practitioner, approved by the British Psychological Society

  • CBT and Counselling with Autism Spectrum Disorder Clients with Professor Tony Attwood

  • Practitioner skills for Eating Disorders from the National Centre for Eating Disorders

  • Transformation of Trauma with Bessel van der Kolk

  • Rewind Trauma Therapy which enables clients to deal with traumatic events with David Muss

I belong to the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), to the Association of Integrative Coach Therapist Professionals (AICTP) and the BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies).

In a younger life I have also studied in New York and Paris, with a focus on politics, and later communication.

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